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SKIN TECH TCA (Trichlorocitc Acid) Skin Tech Easy Peel
EASY TCA peel 15 % Trichlorocitic Acid

Is the most versatile and safe of  TCA peels thanks to the specific Post Peel Mask that stops immediately pain and post peel inflammation. This is the most comfortable TCA peel ever for the patient.  The peel  is applied in just a few minutes, and a post peel mask calms the skin immediately.

The peel is booked as a course of treatmets  one – two weeks apart for  four treatments.  The downtime is usually 3-4 days when the skin peels in the same way as a sunburn would. The skin rejuvenates and tenses  again progressively, the skin tone becomes more uniform and discoulorations minimize.

Indications for treatments for Easy Peel

 Skin rejuvenation · Pigment problems · Lentigine, keratoses · Photo ageing · Special protocols for acne.

A post peel cream is recommended for use at home when having skin peels the best cream for you will be identified during your consultation.

Skin Tech Products Used

skin tech purifying creme
PURIFYING CREAM, ideal between Easy TCA peeling sessions; astonishing in its effectiveness in lessening all the signs linked to imbalance skin problems of teenager or mature skins. Purifying cream is an ideal cream to be used between Easy TCA peeling sessions. Purifying cream also avoids pimples recurrences and fights free radicals, thanks to its specific formulation

skin tech ace creme
NUTRITIVE CREAM VIT A-C-E LIPOIC COMPLEX Nutritive Cream Vit A-C-E Lipoic Complex is ideal for skin ageing prevention at all ages. It is suitable for smokers or people living in polluted areas. It successfully eases “sun burn” and is very comfortable for sensitive skin. Nutritive Cream Vit A-C-E Lipoic Complex is a real fresh breath for your skin.

It’s formula enriched with vitamins A, C and E, tightens up tissues and fortifies the skin that gains in firmness and elasticity.  Nutritive Cream Vit A-C-E Lipoic Complex activates synthesis of collagen fibres. As an anti oxydant moisturiser it fights free radicals. Apply after skin cleansing

skin tech vit e
E ANTiOXYDANT CREAM Vit. E antioxydant has been specially formulated for the most sensitive skin.  Vit. E antioxydant is very fluid and penetrates without leaving a trace thanks to its immediate and long term moisturizing action. V.it E antioxydant has a real anti-wrinkle effect. It protects against external aggressions and  free radicals. It is the ideal moisturizer after lasers, peelings or skin abrasions.

d hea creme
DHEA-PHYTO CREAM With age, the skin weakens and loses it thickness.  You can do your skin a favour by using DHEA-Phyto cream; your face is restructured and gets a younger appearance. DHEA-Phyto cream prevents face, neck and shoulders skin ageing. DHEA-Phyto cream protects against free radicals and external aggressions. Essential for the over 40′s but not before.

actilift creme
ACTILIFT CREAM High Tech formulations are now available for you, every day. Clinical research proves it, thanks to its pure DMAE. Actilift cream immediately makes your skin gain in firmness and elasticity.  The oval of the face is progressively reshaped. Actilift cream also improves skin moisturizing, captures free radicals and protects from external aggressions

blending bleaching creme
BLENDING BLEACHING CREAM Finding a solution to hyperpigmentation is often a dream for many of us. Blending Bleaching cream is part of an answer to this problem. Blending Bleaching cream does not contain corticoids or hydroquinone but is able to bleach and blend the skin. Blending Bleaching cream contains a complex mixture of antityrosinases , antioxidants and turn over stimulations. Its best use is to be combined with Easy TCA peeling in case of pigmentary problems

More Info At www.skintech.info

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