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TeosyalManufactured in Switzerland, Teosyal is an Award Winning “100% hyaluronic acid based”, wrinkle-filling products. These products are highly biocompatible and are slowly absorbed. TEOSYAL can be injected into the entire face, neckline, neck and hands.

Injected into the dermis, TEOSYAL effectively alleviates this hyaluronic acid deficiency thanks to its high hyaluronic acid concentration.

Teosyal Range

The Teosyal® range consists of different formulations which restore face volume, augment lips and repair cutaneous depressions.

In its fluid version, Teosyal® enables revitalisation of the dermis deep down in order to restore skin tone, elasticity and hydration.

Advantages of TEOSYAL

TEOSYAL – A complete range of seven non-animal Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Aesthetic patient.

Key advantages:

Before and After

Deep furrows are treated with TEOSYAL Deep Lines, upper cheeks and lower eyelids with TEOSYAL Ultra Deep

When treated with Teosyal Ultra-Deep, facial hollows are filled out, and the proper shape of the upper cheeks facial lines stand out once again.

Combined use of Teosyal Ultra Deep and Teosyal Global Action corrects deep furrows and restores facial volume.

Teosyal Kiss reshapes and plumps lips and erases lines

The face looks naturally well, furrows are greatly reduced and shadows and hollows around the cheekbones disappear with the use of TEOSYAL Deep Lines and TEOSYAL Ultra Deep.

When treated with TEOSYAL Ultra Deep and TEOSYAL Global Action, the bottom of the face is naturally remodelled, with wrinkles filled in and volume restored.

TEOSYAL® Meso is injected uniformly and superficially over the treatment sites using the multipuncture technique.



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