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SKIN TECH TCA (Trichlorocitc Acid) Skin Tech Easy Peel www.skintech.info

EASY TCA peel  15 % Trichlorocitic Acid

Is the most versatile and safe of TCA peels thanks to the specific Post Peel Mask that stops immediate pain and post peel inflammation. This is the most comfortable tca peel ever for the patient.  The peel is applied in just a few  minutes and a post peel mask calms the skin immediately.

The peel is booked as a course of treatments one – two weeks apart for four treatments.  The downtime is usually 3-4 days when the skin peels in the same way as a sunburn would. The skin rejuvenates and tenses again progressively, the skin tone becomes more uniform and discolourations minimize.

Indications for treatments for Easy Peel

Skin rejuvenation · Pigment problems · Lentigine, keratoses · Photo ageing · Special protocols for acne.

A post peel cream is recommended for use at home when having skin peels the best cream for you will be identified during your consultation.

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