Non-Surgical Cosmetic

Why Choose Medical Aesthetic Treatments

As a child, your skin was soft and smooth.  Over the years the sun, toxins and gravity have played their part in slowly helping to age the skin, accelerating the natural ageing process.  For many of us the desire to stay looking younger for longer means finding a way of reversing further damage to the skin.  Recapture your youthful appearance with a medically proven skin program,  facial lines can be smoothed and skin texture and troublesome skin discolouration’s can be treated with the latest products and treatments.

As we age our hormones, stress, diet, sun exposure, smoking , excessive alcohol consumption and other pollutants all have an affect on our skin and muscle tone, and in some cases can cause premature ageing. Naturally as we age the hyaluronic acid and collagen content of our skin decreases. Oil producing glands become less active and skin generally becomes drier. The skin also losses fat and blood vessels decrease in the skin. Gravity also effects the ageing process pulling at the skin causing it to sag. The result is the skin begins to show the signs of ageing with lines and wrinkles developing and it losses its colour, plumpness and youthful glow.

Recapture provides the latest Medical Aesthetic treatments and products for skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing.  All treatments are performed by a qualified specialist nurse with over 18 years’ experience in this field.  Recapture ensures that the highest standards of care and professionalism are achieved and maintained.